Alessandro Audero

Very strange reset in different conditions on MC9S12XEP100

Discussion created by Alessandro Audero on Apr 26, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2011 by Daniel Lundin

Hi all,

I have a strange problem that is driving me crazy.

I' developing an embedded system on the MC9S12X composed by two parts:

1. firmware loader

2. firmware


The firmware loader is loaded with the BDM interface, while the firmware itself is loaded through serial port using the firmware loader.

The firmware is taking control over motors, thermal printers, photosensors, and so on.

I have routines for printing graphical data on thermal paper.


When I call the routine for printing something on the thermal paper from a well specified point within the firmware flow, and the BDM is not connected, I get a reset everytime.


When I connect the BDM and do assembler step by step, then all is working fine (or at least, it seams.)


When I call the *SAME* routine from another point of the firmware, again everything seems to work.


I don't want a solution for that (it will be impossibile with what I've just written), but only some hints on what I can double check to solve this problem.


Any help will be very appreciated.