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Using bits of different ports as if they were the same byte

Discussion created by Matt Steadman on Apr 21, 2011
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I am a Computer Engineering Student and I am working with an MC9S12C32.  I have made a keypad interface using 7 bits of port T.  But now I am making a more complicated project that requires use of the keypad but I will need to move it off of port T, so that I can use the input capture pins for other things.  Due to the limited number of pins that I have access to I am going to need to split this up amongst several different pins of different ports.  I am wondering if there is anyway that I could make a header file similar to the mc9s12c32.h file that is included with code Warrior to define a new byte of memory that is not actually the same byte in the hardware.  That way I can reuse code that has been tested and proven and simply change the calls to Port T to something else.  Is this possible?