SPI/UART - Bridge demo: Problems with connection to the SPI-port

Discussion created by heissenc on Apr 20, 2011
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Hey mates!


I am currently trying to get the UART/SPI-bridge example programm working.


The M51CN128EVB.h defines the following line:

#define UART_PORT          1/*Second Port*/


I made the following settings in the constants.c:

    /*FSL:smileyfrustrated:PI options*/
    SPI_PORT,                      /*spi port*/
    BAUD_1000,                   /*spi baudrate*/
    0,                                        /*idle high*/
    0,                                        /*middle sample*/
    0,                                        /*spi slave mode*/
    0,                                        /*polling*/
    0,                                        /*don't care*/


My questions are: Why is number one the second port? Where can I find the SPI-Ports on my TWR-MCF51CN (yes I searched many hours in the documentation)?


Best regards and thank you in advance,




Funny.... I have been searching for hours and shortly after my post I found the right document (http://cache.freescale.com/files/microcontrollers/hardware_tools/schematics/TWR-MCF51CN-SCH.pdf?fsrch=1&sr=6)

But there is still a question: Did anyone ever successfully tested the demo?