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Zigbee (MC13224/Beestack) : how to remotely configure routing tables & discovery paths

Question asked by laurent marchadier on Apr 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by laurent marchadier

Hi all,


We are developing a ZB network in tree or mesh (both should work) by deploying the routers side by side on one line (more than 12). Beside the potential depth size issues we might face, we have encountered an immediate problem with the routing tables.


The main problem is that at power-up all routers are coming to the network (one PAN Id) at the same time (they  are connected to the same power), and that routing tables are created with problems. Some routers are not visible by others and the only way to see them is the protocol analyzer (only routing for broadcasting is still working for these). The discovery process is then running and seemed to run forever... (150 routes ID's in 5 mins)


We are using a custom profile from HA profile.


So what we would like to do :

 - have a mean to remotely access the routing table and erase it (forcing a route discovery) from the coordinator.

 - have a mean to reset a router remotely from the coordinator

 - block/stop the route discovery mode for each router, or force a route (as we know precisely the hierarchical position for each router, and we use MAC addresses), allowing for example only 2 routes per router.


I know some functions are available in ZDO, NLME, MAC but looks like not all (or few) are compiled with the HA profile.


Any help or/and tip is appreciated here.