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RESET_B pin was failed with permanent 1.5V @ this pin. TWR-K60N512 does not work

Question asked by Vo Xuan Huy on Apr 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by EARL GOODRICH


I am a new man in ARM CORTEX 4 and started with TWR-K60N512. However, after successfull in sample LED blink in IAR package, I try a new project that is mirrored from the sample project. But it got the failing when the IAR IDE could not load the runing file. Then I saw the RESET LED D2 is slightly bright. I tried to reset board but the problem still be fixed, RESET LED still was slightly bright. Then I measured the voltage @ reset_b of MCU and detected it is 1.5V.


I had tried to reset and turn off board, but all ways I did  has no meaning. The board still not work.

Please to help me for this problem.