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[New] FSL Official JM60 OSBDM Build29, which supports RS08, HCS08, ColdFire v1-v4, Kinetis

Question asked by Jun Lin Employee on Apr 15, 2011

In CodeWarrior Eclipse v10.1, OSBDM firmware has updated to Build29.


It has below features:


- Support FSL RS08, HCS08, ColdFire v1-v4, Kinetis Derivatives


- Back compatible with CW10.0, Classic CodeWarrior v6.3(8-bit), Classic CodeWarrior v7.2(ColdFire)


- Allow auto firmware update from old version to latest


- Support Virtual Serial Port




Please enjoy NEW CW OSBDM.

ps: OSBDM/OSJTAG is maintained by P&E Micro now, but IP belongs to Freescale. It's still open for all customers.




CodeWarrior Product Management Team