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Battery-Backed Time-of-Day clock

Question asked by dave kellogg on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by Mogens Svendsen

Please point me to the schematics that are needed to run the Kinetis when otherwise not powered, as a time-of-day clock.  Ie, what parts of the processor need to be powered from a coin battery?  Power switching circuits? 


Is there an App Note available on implementing a time-of-day clock on Kinetis?  If not, it would be a good topic.  Hint, Hint.  This is going to be a recurring design element for a lot of engineers.


Does MQX have any functionality intended for use with the Real-Time-Clock / Time-of-Day to implement a clock-calendar?


I see that the KwikStik has a 32KHz XTAL.  Is that board complete enough to function as a battery-backed time-of-day clock?  Is there example code that comes with the board to implement time-of-day functionality?