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Help with jm60 and bulk transfers with USB.

Discussion created by David Becerril on Apr 14, 2011
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I am trying to use the winusb dirver to make use of a custom USB class I made based on the documentation provided with the Freescale USB Stack with PHDC Device 2.6.

My class has the compulsory endpoint plus 2 bulk endpoints, one in and one out.

What I did so far is make control transfer request resulting as expected.

Then, the steps I do to perform bulk transactions are first send bulk out to the out endpoint, then execute "send bulk data" from the jm60 and then get the data from the host via winusb. After that, I get the expected data.

But when I try to repeat the operation, by sending again a bulk transfer, the out endpoint does not execute the service callback.

May you give me some hints about what I am missing?
Is it necessary to perform some action on the endpoint after receiving the bulk transfer? such us setting it up to stalled or idle... (and how do I do that)

Thank you for your help.