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MC9S08GW64 - Baud rate question

Discussion created by Ricardo Malerba on Apr 13, 2011
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Hi guys, several years ago I had post  a message about MC9S08AW32  baud rate and Xtal value. 




Thanks to you I could solve my problem as follows: 



  1. xtal 3.6864 Mhz
  2. internal bus frecuency 18.432 Mhz 
  3. SCI baud rate range in 4800-9600-19200-38400-57600-115200 with 0 % error


Now I'm trying to change the AW60 by the GW64, but the last manage in diferent mode the bus frecuency, I can't get at same time the desired baud rates and high frecuency bus ( above 12 Mhz ). 

Could someone help me ? 


Thanks !