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Kinetis (K20) EEPROM Partition Question.

Question asked by Ziqun Su on Apr 13, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by lander

Hi Everyone.

I'm trying to use K20 FlexMEM / FlexRAM to implement a EEPROM and experiensing some EEPROM partition issue. The EEPROM partition routine can only be executed in debug mode and after first running, it automatic stops running. Then after reset procedure, it runs well. After EEPROM partition in debug mode, the board runs very well after power-on. If it is just burned in all code and then directly power-on again, it will not work. Looks like it will always in EEPROM partition routine.


I noticed that the EEPROM partition routine must be executed in RAM. The issue is how I can let this routine is copied into RAM after power-on and is executed from RAM. I tried some #pragma and modified link file. But this issue is still there: The routine is always in P flash.


Is there any one here who have solved the EEPROM partition ?


Thanks for your reply.