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9S12DP512 IIC not working

Discussion created by Christopher Arzola on Apr 9, 2011
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I'm trying to interface an I2C device and so far have measured nothing but noise coming from the output of the device. I followed the exact process given by the AN3291.pdf file (which pretty much has the init and send functions already written). I am fairly certain that the actual I2C functions that I'm using (I2C_Open() and I2C_Send()) are correct. In addition, I added a timer wait of 250ms at the end of the I2C_Send() function to ensure that the slave device has enough time to process the request.


I'm thinking the problem could be the MODRR register. What should I be setting it to, if anything?


I've attached the AN3291.pdf file. Here's my code:


/************************* I2C.c *************************/
#include "I2C.h"

/************************* Public Functions *************************/
/************************* I2C_Open *************************/
// Inputs: none
// Outputs: none
// enable I2C interface on 9S12
void I2C_Open(void) {

  MODRR = 0x00;
  IBFD = 0x4C; // frequency divider register: 91kHz (@ 8MHz)
  IBCR = 0x80; // enable I2C module with no interrupts

/************************* I2C_Send *************************/
// Inputs:
//   slaveAddr - the address of the slave device (TEA6320T)
//   slaveReg - the register to write to on TEA6320T
//   data -  data to send to slave device (TEA6320T)
// Outputs: none
// will transmit a byte of data to TEA6320T
void I2C_Send(uint8 slaveAddr, uint8 slaveReg, uint8 data) {
  IBCR_TXAK = 0;
  IBCR |= 0x30;                          // send start
  IBDR = slaveAddr & (0xFE); // send slave address
  while(!IBSR_IBIF);                  // wait for the address to be sent
  IBSR_IBIF = 1;                        // clear IBIF
  while(IBSR_RXAK);              // wait for "ack" from slave
  IBDR = slaveReg;                 // send first byte
  while(!IBSR_IBIF);                // wait for the data to be sent
  IBSR_IBIF = 1;                      // clear IBIF
  while(IBSR_RXAK);             // wait for "ack" from slave
  IBDR = slaveReg;                // send second byte
  while(!IBSR_IBIF);               // wait for the data to be sent
  IBSR_IBIF = 1;                     // clear IBIF  
  while(IBSR_RXAK);           // wait for "ack" from slave
  IBDR = data;                       // send data to slave
  while (!IBSR_IBIF);            // wait for the data to be sent
  IBSR_IBIF = 1;                   // clear IBIF
  while(IBSR_RXAK);          // wait for "ack" from slave
  IBCR_MS_SL = 0;            // generate STOP condition;