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New MCF5225x manuals disappointing. Information flow?

Discussion created by Oliver Betz on Apr 8, 2011
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by FridgeFreezer

Hello all,


anybody else missing his error reports in the new MCF5225x manuals?


I submitted three documentation error reports (if someone from Freescale reads this: 1-690691025, 1-694827321, 1-694854494) last November but all three errors are in the new manual. I wonder why I put a lot of work into error reports if they are not published.


And I'm afraid there is even a new error (I currently can't check it): The CAN clock source changed from fsys/2 to fsys. Is it really fsys?


Also extremly annoying is the fact that putting 3,3V into EXTAL "may lead to a decrease in lifespan of the device". What about the large number of devices already shipped, using an external oscillator powered from Vcc?


Hard to stay calm.