David Conde

Problem receiving Zigbee information in USB MC1322X Dongle with default "sniffer" firmware

Discussion created by David Conde on Apr 6, 2011
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Some days ago I received a MC1322x USB Dongle which is supposed to act as "sniffer" with the default configuration. I have installed the FTDI Drivers in Windows XP and I am using a serial monitor software tool to monitor the Zigbee package received through air via USB Dongle  to serial port. In my scenario I am sending from other devices JOIN_REQUESTs but I do not see neither any message received in USB Zigbee dongle nor Green Led blinking.


My question is:


Do I need to install any special software to use USB Dongle like a simple sniffer?


Do I need to configure any special baud rate or configuration in USB Drivers?

Thank you in advance