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Are the OSBDM drivers installed properly on my Vista system? Missing serial port driver?

Question asked by Ed Kalin on Apr 5, 2011

I have installed CodeWarrior 10.1 on a Windows Vista system. I am trying to use the Tower system with an MCF52259 cpu board, however I am not able to successfully flash my object code on the system through the OSBDM connection.


In the Vista Device Manager I see an entry for Jungo - WinDriver.


I do NOT see an entry for Jungo - PEMicro Serial Port (which figure 2.7 of the "Installation and Operation of the OSBDM" manual suggests is required)


When I plug in the Tower board's USB cable, I see the entry for LibUSB - Win32 Devices - Open Source BDM - Debug Port

That leads me to believe that my cable is good, at least some of the drivers are installed correctly, and my Tower board has power and is responding to the USB interface connection.


So, is my problem the fact that I do not seem to have the PEMicro Serial Port driver installed?


How can I install that driver?


I have documented my attempts to get my development environment running at