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Freescale Beestack Over The Air Update

Question asked by Loris Gazzarrini on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by Loris Gazzarrini

I'm using Freescale Test Tool 11.3.0 with an Evaluation kit mc13224.

I'm using Beestack codebase.

Using Beekit I have enabled the OTA server (on the coordinator) and the OTA client (on the other device, router)

I've tried to use the "OTA Update" supplied by Test Tool, with a *.bin file generated by IAR 6.10.


The update starts, the server send the update,

but I receive an Abort message, and the client resets itself.

(I can see these steps through the "Message Log" displayed in the OTA Update window)


Is "OTA Update" working with Beestack codebase?


Someone could help me?