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Setting MMA7660 for meassuring Acceleration

Discussion created by Georgios Sidiropoulos on Apr 5, 2011
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I am using the MMA7660 Accelerometer.


I have tried the following register initialization for "NO interupts, active mode, 8 samples per second"



INTSU =  0x00;  // Interrupt Setup Register
MODE =  0x01;  // MODE" Register
SR       =  0x94;  //Sample Rate Register
PDET  =  0x00;  //Tap/Pulse Detection Register
PD       =  0x00;  // "PD"  Tap/Pulse Debounce Count Register
I am reading out the orientation angles from the chip,
Can someone plz tell what should I change in order to read acceleration measurments instead of orientation?
I have red the datasheet thoroughly but I cannot find anything about switching between orientation and acceleration readout modes.
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