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DZ60 - Problem flashing some adresses

Question asked by Mazein Pierre on Apr 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by Mazein Pierre

Hi, I am currently porting my bootloader to the MC9S08D60.

I've been using this bootloader on 9S08AW60, 9S08AC60, 9S08AC96.


So I wasn't expecting what happend....

I have changed the page size from 512 to 768 bytes (datasheet), I also have noticed that the erased page is not a multiple of 768 (experiment), and that burst programming works only for 32 consecutive bytes, starting at a multiple of 32.


Here is a list  of related topics I found :

S08 Flash question programming, strange results


Here is what happends :

After blanking my page, I start programming is, say 32 bytes per 32.

During the first 256 bytes, all bytes are written.

From 256 to 511, I can flash the first byte, and get an access error when attempting to write the next byte.

From 512 to 767, all bytes are written again


Thats the same is I proceed 256 per 256 bytes, or 8 per 8 bytes.


You will find attached two S19, before and after flashing. The files should be the same (I suggest the use kdiff3 or winmerge to ease comparison).

The area to be programmed is 0x3100..0x33FF, here is a snapshot of the borders :




S123 3300 049B049A0499049904980498049704970496049504950494049404930493049204


Here is the assembly routine that I use. I think I found it some where around this forum :


ProgSub:            lda   #(mFSTAT_FPVIOL|mFSTAT_FACCERR) ;clear FSTAT[PVIOL,ACCERR]            ldhx  #FCNFG  ;load address of FCNFG            sta   2,x         ;double-write FSTAT ensures FSTAT[PVIOL,ACCERR] are cleared            sta   2,x            clr   ,x          ;write $00 to FCNFG to clear FCNFG[KEYACC]            clra              ;clear return code            psha              ;save to stack, used as return code and operation resultcheckSize:            lda   #1          ;set the stop function flag            ldhx  LEN        ;check if size is zero            beq   waitFCCF    ;if zero, wait FCCF set and terminate function            aix   #-1         ;sub size by 1            sthx  LEN            pula              ;remove previous operation result and ignore AwaitFCBEF:            lda   FSTAT   ;check if FSTAT[FCBEF] is high            bpl   waitFCBEF   ;new command can only be start if FSTAT[FCBEF] is high            ldhx   ADRR      lda    0,x      aix    #1      sthx   ADRR      ldhx    ADRS    ;get flash address      sta    0,x    ;write to flash; latch addr and data      aix    #1      sthx   ADRS            lda   #mBurstProg ;load A with burst program command            sta   FCMD         ;store burst program command to FCMD            lda   #mFSTAT_FCBEF ;launch command            sta FSTAT   ;4 bus cycle   nop   nop   nop   nop            lda   ,x          ;check error flags in FSTAT            and   #(mFSTAT_FPVIOL|mFSTAT_FACCERR) ;reserve FSTAT[PVIOL,ACCERR]            psha              ;return code and operation result in A; save to stack            beq   checkPAGEEND ;do the next program sequence if success            sta   ,x          ;clear FSTAT[PVIOL,ACCERR]            bra   waitFCCF    ;non zero in A will stop function after FSTAT[FCCF] setcheckPAGEEND:                 ;need to wait FSTAT[FCCF] set at page boundary            tsx            lda   9,x         ;high byte of dest            asra              ;lowest bit saved in carry bit            bcs   checkSize   ;not a page start if carry bit is set            lda   10,x        ;low byte of dest            bne   checkSize   ;not a page start if low byte is non zero,                              ;Zero in A. function continue after FSTAT[FCCF] setwaitFCCF:            psha              ;save stop flag            ldx   FSTAT   ;check if FSTAT[FCCF] is high            aslx              ;commands are finished if FSTAT[FCCF] is high            pula              ;retrieve stop flag            bpl   waitFCCF    ;wait until FSTAT[FCCF] is high            tsta              ;check if stop function            beq   checkSize            pula              ;retrieve return code from stack            ldhx STACK            txs            rtsProgSubEnd:ProgSubSize: equ (*-ProgSub)


I tried to add some more nop after starting programming, without succes.


Can Anyone help me to fix the problem ?