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AN2295 for MC9S08AW32

Discussion created by Oskar Atkinson on Apr 4, 2011
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hi .. I am fairly new to the world of microchips, so please excuse all my questions.

Managed to my app working using  PeMicro Multilink ...  however  


now I am trying to figure how AN2295 bootloader works with a MC9S08AW32 MCU. Trying to use single wire


Into the AN2295 docu, the only reference to this MCU I am finding in Table 2, so I assume I have to use FC protocol V3.

But when I load the project hc08sprg-s08aw.mcp  from the S08AW folder .. that is using FC protocol V2.


I have compiled loaded aboutve project and flashed.


running hc08sprg com1:smileyfrustrated: 9600 mys19.s19, after a powerdown reset, I am getting :


Waiting for HC(s)08 reset ACK ... received 0xdc (good)

Calibration break pulse sent. Count: ....


seem to be stuch in that loop counting.


I seem to see the break at RDX1 of the MCU



Any help is highly appreciated