Daniel Nataniel

EEPROM setup MC9S12DP512

Discussion created by Daniel Nataniel on Apr 3, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by Jim Potteabaum

HI, i am still new to freescale product and codewarrior.

I am trying to setup EEPROM, writing 32 bit data to EEPROM.

So far, i know the EEPROM can only consits of 16 bit of data so in order to write

32 biy of data, i need to write modify sector twice. But i do not know how to separate

the bit into two 16 bit data. I'm thinking the function will look like this:



BOOL EEPROM_Write32(UINT32 volatile * const address, const UINT32 data)

*address = data



So, if anyone can tell me how to separate the 32 bit into two 16 bit data, it would be great.