CW10.1 & PE USB Coldfire Multilink problem

Discussion created by BOB KOHAN on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by Rui Faria

I installed CW10.1.  Sucessfully imported a CW7.1 project and built it with no errors.  When I started the "Flasher", the P&E Multilink was automatically updated to Version 5.54.  At first I could not connect to the Multilink.  I got plenty of error messages.  After re-installing the P&E drivers, I was able to connect and Flash the device, (MCF52259).  I then start the Debugger.  It connects to the target.  When I click "Resume", the target will sometimes Run and sometimes it will not.  When I click "Halt" an error message is displayed, "lost communications"?  When I click "Terminate" another error message is displayed.  It looks like the update tp P&E firmware broke the Multilink.  I get similar results with CW7.2.  I tried this on another computer anf get the same results.

What happened?  How can I fix this?