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how to recover "Censorship Control Word" on MPC5534

Question asked by jianhua Chen on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by David Mcmenamin

when i try to program the internal flash on MPC5534 with "progppcnexus"(P&E), i have chosen " 5534_1k_shadow.PCP" instead of "5534_1meg.PCP" which actually will program the shadow block of the flash. And before program, i push the Erase button first.  this led to that the value in 0x00FFFFE0 changed from "55AA" to "FFFF". according to MPC5534RM 《 Flash Disable》,in this configuration either the flash is disabled(BOOTCFG[1] = 0) or the Nexus is disabled(BOOTCFG[1] = 1)  after boot.(MPC5534 208pin dose not have BOOTCFG[0]) which mean i can't program the internal flash with my usb multilink again.


i have already create an elf file which allocate the  value "55AA" in 0x00FFFFE0, is there any chance for me to recover the "Censorship Control Word" in my MPC5534? Or i have to lost my only two MPC5534 chip.