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S12NE64 - Out of allocation space in segment ROM_C000 at address 0xEC6B

Question asked by AAguilar on Mar 30, 2011
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I'm working on my tesis to complete my studies of Electronic Engineering.

It's my first time with a microcontroller of S12's Series.

I really don't understand the themes of banked and non-banked memory.

I need to make a web server. For that I'm studing the AN2836 for NE64 microcontroller.

When I compile that project, codewarrior generates an error that says:

"Out of allocation space in segment ROM_C000 at address 0xEC6B"

The code of the .PRM is here:


NAMESENDSECTIONS  //    RAM       = READ_WRITE 0x2180 TO 0x3FFE;     /* BUFMAP = 0 (128 byte) *///    RAM       = READ_WRITE 0x2300 TO 0x3FFE;     /* BUFMAP = 1 (256 byte) *///    RAM       = READ_WRITE 0x2600 TO 0x3FFE;     /* BUFMAP = 2 (512 byte) *///    RAM       = READ_WRITE 0x2C00 TO 0x3FFE;     /* BUFMAP = 3 (1K) less then means no DHCP*/    RAM       = READ_WRITE 0x3200 TO 0x3FFE;     /* BUFMAP = 4 (1.5K) */    /* unbanked FLASH ROM */    ROM_4000 = READ_ONLY  0x4000 TO 0x7FFF;      ROM_C000 = READ_ONLY  0xC000 TO 0xF780;    /* banked FLASH ROM */    ROM_Mon  = READ_ONLY  0xF800 TO 0xFEFF;    SECURITY = READ_ONLY  0xFF00 TO 0xFF0F;        ROM_FF10 = READ_ONLY  0xFF10 TO 0xFF7F;    PAGE_3C  = READ_ONLY  0x3C8000 TO 0x3CBFFF;       PAGE_3D  = READ_ONLY  0x3D8000 TO 0x3DBFFF;   ENDPLACEMENT    _PRESTART,                   /* Used in HIWARE format: jump to _Startup at the code start */    STARTUP,                     /* startup data structures */    ROM_VAR,                     /* constant variables */    STRINGS,                     /* string literals */    NON_BANKED,                  /* runtime routines which must not be banked */    COPY                         /* copy down information: how to initialize variables */                                 INTO  ROM_4000,ROM_C000;    MyConstSegPage1        INTO  PAGE_3C;    DEFAULT_ROM                  INTO  PAGE_3D;    DEFAULT_RAM                  INTO  RAM;ENDSTACKTOP 0x3FFF

 How can I solve this problem?

In AN2836 comments the following:



"P&E_ICD_linker.prm also defines the placement of the sections. It is noteworthy to discuss the

MyConstSegPage1 placement

MyConstSegPage1 refers to a web server file array for the ActiveX

component, NE64DemoNOPIC_file, which is contained in NE64DemoNOPIC.c. Because

NE64DemoNOPIC.c is a constant array, by default, it would be stored in ROM_VAR which causes a

FLASH allocation problem for this project. Creating MyConstSegPage1 and grouping the

NE64DemoNOPIC_file data with DEFAULT_ROM resolves the FLASH allocation problem. More

information on FLASH allocation can be found within the CodeWarrior user manual."


I don't understand indeep that. My question is how to implement that correction to solve my problem?

Thank you very much, I will waiting your answers!