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Unsigned long int to ASCII conversion  - failed

Question asked by Andrzej Goralczyk on Mar 29, 2011
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I'm playing with small project based on JM60 and developed in CW 10.1.


Rough description:

uC reads four 8-bit registers from peripherial (HCTL-2032 Quadrature-decoder/counter) connected to rotary encoder and display result on LCD.


To this point everything works fine. I can observe register contetnt on LCD  in four groups eg. 255-255-255-255 (B4-B3-B2-B1)


Now I'm trying to convert this 8-bit groups to unsigned long int (eg 0xFF FF FF FF) and then to ASCII using :



unsigned long int result_unsigned_int;

char out_ASCII[11];



sprintf(out, "%lu", result);




It works in ordinary c complier on PC but it doesn't in CW - something stucks nothing happens


Can you tell me why? (Is there some restricions in sprintf in CW)



Of  course I use same WriteStringToLCD() to display other inforation and it works fine....