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Floating point operations causing global variable corruption

Question asked by Gopal Amlekar on Mar 29, 2011
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I am new to Freescale development. Using a MC9S08DZ60 board for my project. I have created a project in Eclipse 10.1 version using support for IEEE32 type floating point.


My project uses a couple of floating point operations and 5 global variables. Whenever I attempt to do a floating point arithmetic operation with integer or character type, the global variables are getting modified unneccessarily.

For e.g. when I try to typecast an integer to float type or add / subtract a float variable with integer / character, my global variables are getting corrupted.


Can somebody please guide me where I am going wrong?


Here is portion of code, which is causing this behaviour:


void HexToASCII(float Slip, char *String){char i;unsigned long intPart, FractPart;float tempfloat;unsigned long templong;tempfloat = Slip;intPart = (unsigned long) Slip;tempfloat = (Slip - (float) intPart); /* This behaviour is observed here after executing this line and all further lines */tempfloat = tempfloat * 10;FractPart = (unsigned long) tempfloat;