Free Bare Metal/ No RTOS USB Stacks  & Medical Connectivity

Discussion created by rav Employee on Mar 22, 2011
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No RTOS/Bare Metal USB Stacks
  • Reduced footprint available for MCUs down to 16 KBytes Flash and 512 Bytes SRAM
  • HID, MSD, CDC, Audio and PHDC USB.org standard classes are supported
  • Wide support within Freescale USB portfolio
  • Complimentary while using Freescale products
  • Code examples and documentation available
  • Guidelines to comply with recognized industry standard, such as Continua
  • Compatible with PHDC testing environment - development time is saved
  • MQX RTOS compatible

Click here to download  Support Kinetis End of March


Medical Connectivity Library 

The increased use of electronic devices in the medical domain has created a need for the development of a common protocol for data interchange between various devices. This problem is addressed by the IEEE-11073 Part 20601 (Optimized Exchange) specification. The Freescale Medical Connectivity Library is based on this specification and follows the Continua Health Alliance design guidelines for implementation.


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Freescale_Medical_Library_v1.4_for_MQX_v3.7.exe  => End of March