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OSJTAG issues.

Question asked by Danny Tix on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by Evgeny Erlihman



After updating the OSJTAG firmware, I am no longer able to connect to the serial-over-usb functionality in the pemicro terminal, etc.




I started by installing the tower toolkit off of the included cd, and followed along with the demo lab. At this point I was able to connect to the teminal, run the accelerometer demo, etc. I then installed codewarrior (10.1 se) and attempted to load/run one of the demos. At this point codewarrior brought up a notification to update the board firmware (which successfully brought me from rev. 27 to rev. 29.) The demo seemed to run fine, but I was never able to get terminal output from it; so I tried to connect from the pemicro terminal again, which also failed.




I checked the drivers, and noticed the usb serial port device was missing (but the debug port and jungo windriver were still there.)


I then followed the "troubleshooting serial driver" instructions here:


Specifically, I installed the pemicro firmware update tool, and updated to firmware rev. 30.


Once I reconnected the board, all three devices showed up in Windows device manager. Attempting to update the drivers returned that they were all the most recent versions.


I still could not connect to the USB serial terminal at this point. The terminal also occasionally reports read errors (I can't remember the exact wording, however.)


I've uninstalled all of the related tools and drivers from my system, and verified that I have the latest versions of all the installers. I will try reinstalling everything tomorrow, and see if it makes a difference; pending any advice I receive here.



Can anyone who has gotten the board to work with the rev. 30 firmware recommend an installation procedure/software combination that works? Has anyone else even had these problems?