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CW 10.1 Debug - Unable to write Flash (USB TAP)

Discussion created by Guillermo Sanchez on Mar 15, 2011
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Hello all,


I use Codewarrior 10 for MCU with MQX 3.6.2 and I'm flashing a M54452 Coldfire V4 MCU using USB TAP.


I'm currently trying to flash my MCU with no success. Every time I try to debug I get a signal halt exception: No source avaliable for 0x8000040A (that is indeed the MCU's SRAM direction). When I check that memory space using the Memory Browser, I see something loaded. I suppose that it is the internal program to load the FLASH and the SDRAM. The dissasembly shell points to the "rte" instruction, by the way.


If I try to read the content of the Flash using Memory Browser I get a buch of Fs. When reading the SDRAM I get 0s.  This means that both are empty but I don't get any error in the launching process and my .S19 and .XMAP files seem correct.


Anybody has a clue of what could I be doing wrong?