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CPU = MCF5232 (custom design), CodeWarriors = CW MCU V10.0

Question asked by Dan Wermers on Mar 12, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by Dan Wermers

I'm using the CodeWarriors "kickstart" edition, that allows me to code until I reach the 128 Kbyte code limit.  My processor is the MCF5232 (V2 Coldfire).  I've been programming for a couple months, using the internal 64K memory of my processor.  When I start a new project, there are two configurations that come with it:  MCF5232_Console_Internal_RAM and MCF_Internal_RAM


I'm at the limit of the 64K internal SRAM, and now need my code to start working out of my external Flash memory.  I've spent the last three days trying to figure out how to do this (read manuals, search Internet, etc...).  Correct me if I'm wrong:


The development system now needs to know my memory configuration.  There seems to be three "critical" files within my project with regard to specifying the memory organization.  These files were automatically generated when I created my project, and are "MCF5232.cfg", "MCF5232.mem", and "*.LCF" (MCF5232_Console_Internal_RAM.lcf). 


Question #1:  Is it just these three files, or is there more to it?


Using the schematics from the MCF5235EVB and the .mem and .cfg files for the eval board, I think I've correctly edited the .cfg and .mem files (they are attached).  However, I can't find a suitable template or example of the .LCF file.  I called Freescale tech support and they told me to switch my configuration "to something that has FLASH in the name".  But no such configuration exists.  Is there some way to get such a configuration to exist when creating a new project?


I've read almost all the documentation, and there are guides to the syntax, but it would really help to see an actual *.LCF file for an MCF523x project that has external SRAM and FLASH memory, for guidance.  There is this blurb in the "Targeting Microcontrollers.pdf" documentation "The Linker combines object files into a single executable file.  You specify the link mappings of your program in a Linker Command File (LCF).  NOTE  For more information, refer to the Microcontrollers Linker User Guide".  I can not find any such guide anywhere.  Internet search on this turns up nothing.


Are these limitations due to the "Kickstart Edition" (i.e., do I now have to purchase/install the full software)?  Any advice on the matter is greatly appreciated.  I would prefer to continue programming until I reach the 128K limit, and purchase the software then.  If nothing else, the .LCF file for the MCF5232EVB board might give me clues, but I can find it nowhere.