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CW-MobileGT v9.2, TWR-MPC5125, MQX 3.6.1, "CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to continue thread"

Discussion created by David Bill on Mar 2, 2011
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I've had the Codewarrior and tower system for only a couple of day, and I'm trying to just get a demo to work.


I was able to build and download to TWR target the Hello demo with only "Please check your JTAG clock speed"

showing up at the start of each debug session, but I wasn't able to step. I could read registers and such, but target wouldn't run.


After a couple of tries, the above is followed with "CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to continue thread [Invalid parameter]" every time I attempt to connect with the TWR-MPC5125 target board and will not go any farther.


My steps have been:

1) Select "Hello" demo from examples directory (c:\Program Files\Freescale\Freescale MQX 3.6\mqx\examples\hello\cwmpc92

2) Click the "make" button

3) Click the "Debug" button

     pop-up: "Connecting [try 1]"

     pop-up: "Configuring TAP..."

     Second pop-up: "Please check your JTAG clock speed"

4) click "ok" on above

     pop-up: "Downloading xxxxxx"

     Debug window appears for an instant then goes away

     pop-up: "CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to continue thread [Invalid parameter]

5) click "ok"

     <Back at project>


Any suggestions for what I'm missing?