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Problem MPC5554DEMO

Discussion created by jianhua Chen on Mar 1, 2011
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    I have bought a MPC5554DEMO board in 2008. I find it strange that the main chip on the DEMO board is marked "PPC5554MVRB132" either than "MPC5554...".

     The cook book has one of the project  which uses Fixed Interval Timer(FIT).The code works fine except that i can't detect voltage toggle on GPIO114(N3) with a Oscilloscope.when i try to add SIU_PCR114 to the variable window(i use ICDPPCNEXUS Debugger), i find it strange that the SIU_PCR114 register is missing but SIU_PCR113 and SIU_PCR115 is visible.

    So, i modifed the original code, change all GPIO114 to GPIO115. when i run the example again with SUB multilink, it's worked. i can detect voltage toggle on the GPIO115(M4).

    My question is how does this happened? is there any problem in my DEMO board? does the "PPC5554" have some defect? or anything else.