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Problems reading SDCard with MFS on Kinetis K60 tower board

Question asked by Brian Haupt on Feb 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by Andrew Athanasiou

I have been working on adding the ability to serve webpages off of the SDCard and have run into trouble with files that are over a certain length.  The larger files such as the HTML and .GIF files are getting corrupted.  I am trying to run from the code I got from a Kinetis seminar last week.  It is based on Lab 5 - Kinetis Webserver.  I was using a web proxy to see what the server was returning for each file so I could see the exact contents of what was returned for each file.


To take the webserver out of the picture I went in through the shell and did a copy of one of the .GIF files.  I can remove the SDCard from the tower board and view the original file normally with a card reader on my PC but the copied file shows up the same as the corruption through the webserver so I figure it must be in the MFS portion of the code.  It seems to be corrupting a few bytes at a time approx 512 bytes apart throughout the file.   The corruption is not consistent although seems to follow the same basic trend.  The file size seems to always come out right but bytes in the middle are corrupted.


I am using IAR 6.10.2 with MQX  3.6.2.


Thanks for any help in advance...

Brian Haupt