Serial Bootloader Memory Re-allocate for Q9S08QG8 question

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Hi All,


I'm new to the bootloader and freescale MCU. What i would like to do is to add the serial bootloader to my firmware, but my problem is how would i segment the memory on my firmware so it works with the bootloader code and won't create any overlap etc...


 Firmware .prm file


NAMES END SEGMENTS /* Here all RAM/ROM areas of the device are listed. Used in PLACEMENT below. */    Z_RAM                    =  READ_WRITE   0x0060 TO 0x00FF;    RAM                      =  READ_WRITE   0x0100 TO 0x015F;    ROM                      =  READ_ONLY    0xF000 TO 0xFFAD;    ROM1                     =  READ_ONLY    0xFFC0 TO 0xFFCF; /* INTVECTS                 =  READ_ONLY    0xFFD0 TO 0xFFFF; Reserved for Interrupt Vectors */ENDPLACEMENT /* Here all predefined and user segments are placed into the SEGMENTS defined above. */    DEFAULT_RAM                         /* non-zero page variables */                                        INTO  RAM;    _PRESTART,                          /* startup code */    STARTUP,                            /* startup data structures */    ROM_VAR,                            /* constant variables */    STRINGS,                            /* string literals */    VIRTUAL_TABLE_SEGMENT,              /* C++ virtual table segment */    DEFAULT_ROM,    COPY                                /* copy down information: how to initialize variables */                                        INTO  ROM; /* ,ROM1: To use "ROM1" as well, pass the option -OnB=b to the compiler */    _DATA_ZEROPAGE,                     /* zero page variables */    MY_ZEROPAGE                         INTO  Z_RAM;ENDSTACKSIZE 0x30VECTOR 0 _Startup /* Reset vector: this is the default entry point for an application. */


Serial Bootloader .prm file


ENTRIES MY_NVOPT MY_NVPROTENDNAMESENDSECTIONS /* here all RAM/ROM areas of the device are listed. Used in PLACEMENT below. */  Z_RAM  = READ_WRITE 0x0060 TO 0x00FF;   RAM    = READ_WRITE 0x0100 TO 0x015F;  ROM    = READ_ONLY  0xFE00 TO 0xFFAD;  NVPROTROM = READ_ONLY 0xFFBD TO 0xFFBD;  NVOPTROM  = READ_ONLY 0xFFBF TO 0xFFBF;ENDPLACEMENT /* here all predefined and user segments are placed into the SECTIONS defined above. */  NVPROT_ROM     INTO NVPROTROM;  NVOPT_ROM      INTO NVOPTROM;  DEFAULT_ROM                   INTO ROM;  DEFAULT_RAM                   INTO RAM;  _DATA_ZEROPAGE, MY_ZEROPAGE   INTO Z_RAM;ENDVECTOR 0 main INIT main