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CW10 - Device initialisation errors MC9S08AC32CFU device

Question asked by Jeff Kopittke on Feb 25, 2011
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Hope someone can shed light on a problem I have here.

Some info first .. Windows7 CW10 special version with all updates applied.

I have found a problem in processor expert. I use the MC9S08AC32CFU device and PE or Device initialisation is incorrectly setting the baud rate in the SCI. It also doesnt offer me adjustment of the Clock divider (and so the Internal bus clock ) in the CPU section either.

I ran around in circles for a time trying to succesfully send a serial data stream to a new hardware design. I ended up running debug and found the data received was incorrect, classic case of baud rate error. Checked and rechecked .. all seemed ok in PE SCI setup. So to prove something was not right I setup the MC9S08AC32CFU device in CW5.9 and just cut and paste the CPU and SCI sections into the MCUinit in CW10.... BINGO all working perfect.

I also noticed that the CPU section is setting the CPU clock speed .. VERY SLOW default . I cant adjust it as I have outlined above.

CW5.9 and its PE allows adjustment of the CPU clock divider and so the internal bus clock freq.


Thanks in advance for anyone interested to help.