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M52259 serial communication info

Discussion created by Ion Popescu on Feb 24, 2011
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I am a beginner working with uCs and I´ve just purchased a M52259 demo board. I read most of documentation available  and try to understand the example projects but I still am confused on the following topic(maybe one of you can give a hint or where to search, because I've tried many searching options and no success) :


- How exactly I can communicate (send/receive) using UART port (RS-232) ? I am trying to write a basic program to access this port (open/close port , send a command/ receive a response) . Maybe you can give some example code with this basic operations.


I want to mention that the hardware it's properly connected and I have all the software tools needed. I can flash the board using the ".s19" files from example projects , etc .


Many thanks!