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USB<-->Serial Converter for HC908QY4/QT4

Discussion created by Niccola Torres on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by LEONARDO FABIO SANDOVAL LOZANO

I've build a board basically like shows in HC908QY4 datasheet (page 140, figure 15-10). I want to put a USB2Serial Converter but I see in some cases (converters) it not works correctly. So I want to know from you, expert and experienced guys, what's the best USB2Serial converter to put in my board (already built). I've looking for something and concluded that the best, for me, converters are ftdi's for yours specifications. I've listed below, some ftdi converters that I'd like, in order to easy instalation in my board. But, you're free to suggest more others converters to me.


1-  DB9-USB-RS232 Modules

2- MCP2200EV-VCP (Not ftdi but its my second choice, if someone tell me that will work)

3- UC232R-10-NE "ChiPi" USB - RS232 Converter

4- FT2232H Mini-Module

5- MM232R (This is a MM232R (I dont know what mean))

6- TTL-232R-5V-PCB

7- Suggestion?


P.S: Mine project board, you can see under my dropbox file, here.


Sorry about my poor english


Thank you all!