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TWR K60 DHCP connection

Question asked by Luka Rahne on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Luka Rahne

I just get tower whit K60 TWR-K60N512 processor and i succesfully compiled and run code, but I am unable to make dhcp IP retival.


It even does not send antyhing out (checking whit wireshark)

error is maked in source



    error = RTCS_create();    if(error)    {      printf("RTCS_create  Error %08x!\n", error);      return;    }    IPCFG_default_enet_device = DEMOCFG_DEFAULT_DEVICE;    IPCFG_default_ip_address = ENET_IPADDR;    IPCFG_default_ip_mask = ENET_IPMASK;    IPCFG_default_ip_gateway = ENET_IPGATEWAY;    LWDNS_server_ipaddr = ENET_IPGATEWAY;    ip_data.ip = IPCFG_default_ip_address;    ip_data.mask = IPCFG_default_ip_mask;    ip_data.gateway = IPCFG_default_ip_gateway;    ENET_get_mac_address (IPCFG_default_enet_device, IPCFG_default_ip_address, IPCFG_default_enet_address);    error = ipcfg_init_device (IPCFG_default_enet_device, IPCFG_default_enet_address);    if (error != IPCFG_ERROR_OK)    {      printf("Device init  Error %08x!\n", error);      return;    }    error = ipcfg_bind_dhcp_wait(IPCFG_default_enet_device, 0, NULL);    if (error != IPCFG_ERROR_OK)    {      printf("DHCP Error %08x!\n", error); //well here fails whit IPCFG_ERROR_BIND    }