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Remote System Changed Warning in CodeWarrior 10.1

Question asked by Diego Escalona on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by Diego Escalona

Hello all!


I installed CodeWarrior 10.1 recently, and, one of the most significant changes I have noticed is the Remote System configurations addition. As far I can see, when you create a new project, a Remote System Configuration is automatically created and stored to be used for that project (I work with Bareboard projects).


My problem appears each time I launch CodeWarrior 10.1. When it initializes, it always displays a warning like the following indicating that the Remote System of my project has changed.



I have verified it and there is not any change between the Project Value column and the Current Value one. I think it is not a big problem, but it is a bit annoying, because this window pops up for every project I have in the workspace each time I start CodeWarrior 10.1. Is it some kind of bug or something?


Going to the Merge Settings of the environment and configuring the  Select how to handle differing RSE Systems to Discard the project cache, avoids the window to be displayed, but by default it will pop up always.