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ELF-library debug information missing

Discussion created by Claus Jensen on Feb 17, 2011
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I have a library, which is built with CodeWarrior for ColdFire v6.3, which I am using in CodeWarrior for ColdFire v7.2. Processor is an MCF52223.


The code works fine, but I have no debug information for the functions in the library file. When building the library in CW6.3, there are small dots under the bug in the file-pane, so i guess that should indicate that debug-information will be generated. Also, the ELF-file is 229K in size for less than 8K of code, indicating that there might be information.


In CW7.2 i have the lib-file included. Here I am not able to set a dot under the bug for the library-file.


Can anyone help me get debug info included for my library file in this project? Hopefully I am just missing some obvious setting (obvious to others than me, that is... :smileywink: )