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Support for OSBDM using Code Warrior 10

Question asked by Ian Bentall on Feb 16, 2011

I am trying to get a project based on a MCF52259 working using the Open Source BDM module. I am using CodeWarrior 10 and when I try to program the application into the ColdFire I get the following error message -



fl::target -lc "HelloWorld_twrmcf52259_Ext_MRAM_Debug_OSBDM"

fl::target -b 0x20000000 0xffff

fl::target -v off -l off -ie on -i "C:/Users/Owner/Documents/Freescale MQX 3.6/lib/twrmcf52259.cw10/mqx/dbg/twrmcf52259.cfg" -p MCF52259

cmdwin::fl::device -d "CFM_MCF5225X_512" -o "256Kx16x1" -a 0x0 0x7ffff

cmdwin::fl::image -f "W:\\CodeWarrior10\\HelloWorld\\twrmcf52259_Int_Flash_Debug\\HelloWorld.elf" -t "Auto Detect" -re off -oe off

cmdwin::fl::erase image


Error: Connect Failed.

Can't connect. Can't load GDI dll - System error:The specified module could not be found.

. (ColdFire GDI Protocol Adapter)


Is this because I have not added the GDI DLL plug-in? If so how do I go about adding this in?