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Vector Table on Kinetis K60

Question asked by Noe Serres on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2011 by David E Seymour


I am working with Kinetis K60 microcontroller (TOWER K60N512 Kit + IAR + MQX 3.6)

I would like to implement an interrupt outside MQX. I should achieve that using _int_install_kernel_isr() function.


I switched MQX_ROM_VECTORS to 0 in user_config.h in order to have Vectors Table located in RAM.

I then recompiled both BSP and PSP of MQX.


When debugging the application, it looks like the vector table is still in ROM (address 0x00000000) instead of being in RAM (address 0x20000000).


Is there something I am doing wrong? Is it simply possible to work with vectors in RAM with this microcontroller?


Any advice would be appreciated.