Daniel Lundin

32-bit MCU with eeprom updates in realtime?

Discussion created by Daniel Lundin on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2011 by Mark Hotchkiss

For quite a while I have been doing extensive research for an MCU that fulfils the following requirments:


  • 32 bit.
  • Suitable for automotive/safety-critical appliactions in tough environments with heavy EMI. In my experience, all Freescale MCUs perform well in such environments.
  • Updates of eeprom/data flash must be done in runtime, and done in realtime. The MCU must be able to erase/write to an NVM cell during execution, without losing values in adjacent cells. The access time must be fast and deterministic, and the algorithm should have a minimum of complexity.


Does any such beast exist with the Freescale logo on it?


The application is a very typical automotive/industrial data logger. I am looking for an eeprom/data flash with roughly the same characteristics as you can find on S08D or S12D microcontrollers, ie small erase sectors. Unfortunately they are 8- and 16-bit and I want to use a 32-bit MCU. External eeproms is not an option because of EMI.


MPC56 has 16k erase sectors and needs horribly slow, obfuscated algoritms because of it. Coldfire seems to have 1k erase sectors, which is far too large as well.


Is there any hope to find a Freescale MCU living up to my requirements? I have found countless MCUs of a certain Japanese brand living up to my spec, but none from Freescale yet. I would like to use Freescale if possible, because they have proven to perform very well immunity-wise.