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Low level SD Card acces

Question asked by riviere guillaume on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by PRAMOD K. G.



I take a look on the example provided with MQX who demonstrate how to use the board as a USB masse storage device, this example allow to read and write to a part of the ram from the computer like any other thumb drive.

My goal is to do the same thing but no from flash but from a sd card.

When i look on how the example work it look simple, the computer directly ask to the board to read a zone of memory by furnishing an offset to the start from the start of the memory.

The probleme is that MQX by default only provide Hight level function who only allow to acces to the file level of the SD card.

So i would like to know if low level function are available an how to use it, when i look into the MQX code i saw some sectore_read function but i can't make it work.



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