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Kinetis K40 USB OTG

Question asked by Jay Wong on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by Jack Everett

Hello All,


Kinetis is a new part and I am trying to use it for a new design.  The peripheral that I have question on is the USB OTG.  According to the standard, USB OTG receptacle should have an ID pin to identify if connected device is an A or B device.  However, such a pin is missing from K40.  So, how does K40 knows when to be a host or when to be a device?  Does it default as to a host operation all the time?  If that is true, what happen when another default host OTG  gets connected to it?


Any response is appreciated.  If responses are not relevant, please at least make them funny.



Jay Wong