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CW6.3 for HCS08. Linker error in new project.

Question asked by Daniel Lundin on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2011 by Tom Thompson

I'm having several CW6.3 HCS08 (DZ16) projects working fine. Today I tried to create yet another one in the same manner as before, but I can't link it:


"L1107: Object _startupData not found"


I always remove the CW default startup08.c to replace it with my own, so that's no surprise it can't be found. But something in my new project still refers to that file. I can't find what it is however. "Find in all open projects" reveals nothing. Compiler options are identical to all projects:


-Ansi -Cs08 -D__ONLY_INIT_SP -Ldf=predef.h -Ms -WmsgSd2705 -WmsgSd4301


And the .prm file is also identical. Relevant parts of the .prm look like this:




    _DATA_ZEROPAGE,                              /* zero page variables */
    ZEROPAGE_RAM             INTO Z_RAM;

    GLOBAL_RAM,                                  /* company standard segment for statically allocated variables */
    DEFAULT_RAM                                  /* non-zero page variables */
                             INTO RAM;
    .stack                   INTO STACK_RAM;

    CODE_ROM,                                    /* company standard segment for general code */
    .init,                                       /* CW out-of-reset function */
    INTERRUPT_ROM,                               /* company standard segment for interrupt service routines */
    GLOBAL_ROM,                                  /* company standard segment for global constants */
    ROM_VAR,                                     /* constant variables */
    STRINGS,                                     /* string literals */
    COPY                                         /* copy down information: how to initialize variables */
                             INTO ROM;
     VECTORS                  INTO VECTOR_TABLE;  /* company standard for interrupt vector table */






INIT interrupt_reset;



Where interrupt_reset is my reset ISR which sets the stack etc etc. This .prm works fine in several projects, but not in this new one.


I suspect this is related to previous projects being created in CW6.0. Are there any invisible references to startup08.c in CW6.3? And if so, how do I get rid of them?