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Automated Debugging - Workspace seems to be different than the one given.

Question asked by Kilian Timmler on Feb 8, 2011
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Im trying to run a TCL script in the debugger using CW 10.1.8. The script starts but the Multicore Launch configuration cannot be found. There is also no Project visible in the CW Projects window.


I start eclipse in the following way:


cwide.exe -data D:\Documents and Settings\foo\workspace-1.8 -vmargsplus -Dcw.script="{D:\Documents and Settings\foo\workspace-1.8\AutoBuild\runTest.tcl}"


The TCL script looks as follows:


debug -name ADS_XYZ_2Cores
mc::group removeall
mc::group new MSC8156
mc::group enable 0.0
mc::group enable 0.1


The output in the IDE Debugger Window looks as follows:


CodeWarrior Debugger Shell v1.0
%>source {D:\Documents and Settings\foo\workspace-1.8\AutoBuild\runTest.tcl}
D:/Documents and Settings/foo/workspace-1.8/AutoBuild
cmdwin::eclipse::debug -name ADS_XYZ_2Cores
Error: no launch configurations exist



After starting the IDE the CodeWarrior Projects Window is empty. Normally I would expect the project to be debugged to exist in there. I can import the project into the Workspace and then the script does get further but the project starts with the wrong Build Configuration and so a Build is triggered interferring with the debugging.


I'm wondering now whether the workspace/configuration is different in some ways for the IDE when called from the command line. 


Also, if there would be a way to set the Build Configuration I would be glad.