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Trying to build -AsRomLib

Discussion created by Giovanni Parodi on Feb 6, 2011
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Good morning,

I have a problem related to building a ROM library for a HCS08 device.

I modified a code that worked fine as a complete SW (generating an executable).


Then I commented the


void main()


method and selected the




linker option.


Afterwards, I inserted in my code the lines of code:

    #include <startup.h>
    struct _tagStartup _startupData; /* for linker */

Finally, I had to modify the default .prm file specifying the code section that will be used outside of the lib (I had to do this since my lib use the ansi lib and generated many error without this trick).


In the prm I wrote:




However I have a problem: while building the lib I get the message:

Object _Startup not found    Circuito_1_asRomLib        line 0    C/C++ Problem


I tried modifying the ENTRIES adding also the line




but I'm not able to solve this problem.


I tried searching the web and the "HC(S)08/RS08 and HC(S)12 Build Tools Utilities Manual" provided by freescale, but I'm not able to solve this problem.


Is there someone that can help me?

Any idea will be appreciated.

If I forgot to specify some useful info, please le me know.