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MC13226 UndefInstructionHndlr

Question asked by Mark Johnson on Feb 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by Mark Johnson



I have a BeeKit project that is set up for an RF4CE Target based on the Simple TV application.  The debug application compiles with 0 warnings and 0 errors using IAR version 5.20.2.  It downloads and verifies using JTAG.  All is good so far.


When debugging, the breakpoints at Main() and TS_Scheduler() never get hit.


Inside Init-IAR.S, execution proceeds from __start_ to a branch to  __rom_data_init.  It then goes immediately to __UndefInstructionHndlr_ and dies.


Apparently it is failing to initialize the ROM entry points.


Can anyone explain how to resolve this problem?


Thank you,