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Why 'SC3850' is classified under '16 bit' category? or "meaning of N bit processor"

Question asked by Renjith G on Feb 3, 2011
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When i gone through the link  , I have seen that all star cores (especially the SC3850)are classified under 16 bit?


As per my understanding , it is having 32 bit program counters , including ALU ,and 40 bit register width and 2x64 bit address bus width. Also the SC3850 can handle SIMD(2) instructions which are of 32 bit or 64 bit.


But why it is specified under 16 bit category? What is the main reason of the classification other than above features in it?


Does it is because of the support of minimum size of the instructions to be processed like 'and' in the star cores like old ones?


As far as i know , a processor is classified as 'N bit processor' if it handle , 'N bit' addressing and data capability(PC,ALU are of  'N bit') are handled by it.   For more informations , i referred the link


Also it would be nice if you could expalin me if there is any other reasons/logic behind the classification of a processor in 'N bit' , that is the meaning of "N bit processor" ?


Please correct  if am wrong.


Expecting your reply



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