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Modify "Include" Folder

Question asked by Guillermo Sanchez on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by Guillermo Sanchez

Hello all,


I use Codewarrior 10 for MCU with MQX 3.6.2


I'm importing a MQX "BSP build" project and modifying it to use it with a different MCU. After changing the Path variables, the linked  resources and the CF compiler and assembler inputs to desired ones, I found that the "Includes" folder under the built project (aka bsp_<put_your_mcu_here>) was unchanged. This means that my Includes were pointing to the older Includes. (eg c:\program files\freecake\mqx\sources\io\etc instead of d:\my super sources\my super includes\io\etc)


The thing is, that I think that when the linking and compiling is made, the inclusion points the new files, but the reference in the Include folder is still the old one and if I try to open the files included there, they are just empty files. My attempts to change the folder or even eliminate it, have been unsuccessful. Is there a way to change this?