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New mcf5xxx_wr_sr in mcf5xxx_IO.s for Codewarrior 7.2  / Illegal stack type exception

Discussion created by Narcís Nadal on Feb 2, 2011
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In Codewarrior 7.2 the asm functions mcf5xxx_wr_sr and others from mcf5xxx_IO.s crashed with the message "Illegal stack type ..." exception


 This is caused by the parameter passing convention Register (REG_ABI) and there is no means of changing because in the Compiler Processor Settings, the Parameter Passing combo is stacked in Register (in grayed).


I Have tried the same function mcf5xxx_wr_sr() in the CodeWarrior 7.1 compiling with Parameter Passing = Compact and the code runs well, without any exception. The same code compiled in 7.1 with Parameter Passing = Register, crashes as in the CodeWarrior 7.2


There is a note in TN268 about deleting  


move.14(SP),D0 in mcf5xxx_IO.s Code Warrior V7.2.


My question is : has anybody changed  the functions in mcf5xxx_IO.s  for working with Parameter Passing=Register or know where to found the New mcf5xxx_IO.s  ?




Thank you

Narcis Nadal